Brass Guitar Bridge Pins - By Pinz UK

Pinz - Brass Engraved Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins

Make your guitar look better with Pinz brass bridge pins !!

Most acoustic guitars come with either plastic or if you are lucky wooden bridge pins.  It seems odd to pay thousands for a guitar and get a few pence or cents worth of acoustically dead material holding the strings in place.

Pinz - Brass Engraved Acoustic Guitar Bridge Pins

Here at Pinz  UK we produce something that we think is more pleasing to look at and listen to - decorative brass pins.

Our original product lines are engraved or plain flat topped brass pins.  In 2005 we added natural shell inlaid versions. They are all slotted and hand finished in the UK to the highest standard.

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Back from holiday refreshed and ready to sort out your Pinz - all types in stock !


You can also get inlaid types from Strings Direct .


Got a Kanile'a ukulele that uses standard guitar pins ?  You can order 4 Pinz ukulele sets at the bottom of the order page !


Both 4- and 5-string versions of the big beautiful Bass Pinz are available on this site, see the Bass link on the left ! 

We still sell on appearance but here's  an early comment :

"the real pay off here is that they make the bass sound better"

Bass Pinz, 3 types

Bass Pinz Variations and 2 regular Pinz for scale.